hi, i'm kate (ikilledxmarilyn) wrote in blank__tape,
hi, i'm kate

hello, i've been watching for awhile. i made this tape for a co-worker. it has a little bit of everything on it. surprisingly, we are still very good friends.

the theme was 'cleveland'.

Side A

Petula clark- Downtown
Cinderella- Gypsy road
X- Los Angeles
The Cars- Shake it Up
Migraviolenta- Que Hay Detras
Belle and Sebastian- Get Me Away From Here
New Bomb Turks- Hammerless Nail
Musical Youth- Pass the Dutchie
Eskorbuto- Antitodo
The Faint of Heart- It’s Saturday Night
The Art Attacks- Rat City

Side B

Mountain Goats- Commandante
Witch Hunt- Cosmetic Plague
Judas Priest-Reckless
Simon and Garfunkel- A Poem on the Underground Wall
The Stooges- Down on the Street
Confuse- Fight Against the Plutocrats
The Third Bardo- I’m Five Years Ahead of my Time
Rogue Wave-Endless Shovel
The Vapors- Somehow
Wimple Winch- Save My Soul
The Fall- Touch Sensitive
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