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first post.

name: india
theme: unrequited love/my life is going to hell/i'm failing out of college
[i'm pretty sure everyone can relate to this on some level]

side a.
01."Shine A Light" by Wolf Parade
02."Ears Ring" by Rainer Maria
03."There Is An End" by The Greenhornes
04."Messenger Bird's Song" by Bright Eyes
05."Oh, Hello" by Circa Survive
06."Undone" by Katie Merkur
07."Hide This Away" by Taxi, Taxi

side b.
01."Tuesday" by Heartwarmer
02."Sleep Sandwich" by Elvis Perkins
03."Three Peaches" by Neutral Milk Hotel
04."I'm Just Going To Leave" by Defiance, Ohio
05."Cadaveric" by Off Minor
06."Every Me And Every You" by Placebo
07."Why Wont You Just Die" by Kyle Shanahan
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