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happy holidays!

a most dysfunctional christmas tape for you.

side a

the greedies- a merry jingle
barenaked ladies- we three kings
cheech and chong- santa claus and his old lady
the humpers- run run rudolph
george michael- last christmas
the yobs- another christmas
jackson 5- up on the house top
wesley willis- kris kringle was a car thief
butthole surfers- good king wencelas
tvtv$- daddy drank our christmas money
ramones-merry christmas (i don't want to fight this year)
the frogs- here comes santa's pussy
ben folds- lonely christmas eve

side b

eazy e- merry muthafuckin' christmas
rugburns- i hate christmas
flaming lips- christmas at the zoo
sloppy seconds-lonely christmas
tiny tim- santa's got the aids this year
patti smith- we three kings
the kinks- father christmas
the damned- there ain't no santy clause
captain sensible- one christmas catalogue
spinal tap- christmas with the devil
the dickies- silent night
the waitresses- christmas wrapping
pansy division- homo christmas
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