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please, press, play.

cassette tapette
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this is for music.

make a relative stranger a mixtape or a mixcd.
request a relative stranger makes you a mixtape of a certain music type
- in return for something, of course!


ask people what their favourite songs are.
what their favourite albums are.
what their favourite artists are.
(original, i know)


what songs...
to dance alone to,
(yes there's a difference)
to dance with your friends to,
to dream to,
to cry to,
to fall in love to,
to fall asleep to,
to watch the stars to,
to wake up to,
to break up to,
to kiss your somebody to,
to vent anger to,
to sit down & simply listen to


tell us about mixtapes you have made your friends
about mixtapes your friends have made for you
about mixtapes someone extra heartspinning special made for you that you keep in the drawer beside your bed.


show us mixtape art


tell us your latest mixtape tracklisting


tell us about lyrics you have scribbled on your wall


tell us about music that you adore

or go further than that...

2 many djs, adam green, add n to (x), air, alanis morisette, angelica, aqualung, arab strap, art brut, beastie boys, beck, belle & sebastian, ben kweller, bikini kill, billie holiday, björk, black box recorder, blondie, bob dylan, bright eyes, british sea power, camera obscura, cassette tapes, cat power, cat stevens, cocteau twins, concretes, damien rice, david bowie, de la soul, death cab for cutie, deerhoof, delays, dj shadow, easyworld, ed harcourt, eels, elbow, elliot smith, explosions in the sky, fiona apple, flaming lips, goldfrapp, graham coxon, groove armada, ikara colt, incubus, interpol, jeff buckley, john mayer, johnny cash, jon brion, joni mitchell, josh rouse, joy division, jurassic 5, kasabian, kate rusby, kings of convenience, lamb, le tigre, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, lou reed, lyrics on my wall, make up, massive attack, miles davis, mirah, modest mouse, mogwai, morrissey, mr scruff, my bloody valentine, neil young, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, nine inch nails, nirvana, ooberman, pavement, pearl jam, pharcyde, pj harvey, portishead, pulp, r.e.m, radiohead, rasputina, rilo kiley, roots manuva, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, saint ettienne, scratch perverts, simon & garfunkel, skunk anansie, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, snow patrol, sonic youth, sons and daughters, soulwax, stina nordenstam, suede, the avalanches, the beach boys, the beatles, the beta band, the books, the coral, the cranberries, the cure, the decemberists, the doors, the faint, the killers, the kills, the libertines, the microphones, the negatives, the pixies, the postal service, the rapture, the reindeer section, the shins, the smiths, the stills, the stooges, the stranglers, the streets, the strokes, the thermals, the vaselines, the velvet underground, the vines, the weakerthans, the who, the zutons, tom mcrae, tori amos, vinyl, violent femmes, wilco, yann tiersen, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, zero 7,